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CSSD advanced theatre practice MA

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Being in mind that my info is now a couple of years old. I'll refrain from putting too much on for those who tick this off on the Recurring Thread Calender ...


The MA course was very heavily into devised theatre and while you got to work on your specialization you are expected to work in other areas (mainly acting from what I remember :stagecrew: ).


Also the course is based down in oval in the rather grotty ex-studios of RADA (I believe). You'll only get to play in the main space of CSSD once or twice over the whole course.


I'm sure others on the forum have more up to date insider info but I still have contacts there if you want me to have an ask about.


Give me a shout if you want me to go into more detail


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the course is still into devised peices but there is alot more strand specific work than there used to be.

while it is true that at the moment the course is at the Oval site which I have to say calling "grotty" is more than fair, the course will be moving I believe into the new building that is currently being built at the swiss cottage site, compleation somtime next year I think.


the course is very mixed from my work with them from some who really know there stuff to some who seem to live in a world that most of us cant even see after a very heavy weekend in the pub.


to say that you only get to play arond in the main theatre a few times is not that unreasonable as thats true for the BA courses aswell for the simple reason there is only one space and so many people wishing to use it, the MAs do however get to use the space to the point that I am acting as chief electrician on the MA shows in the main house this term.


the school in general is great, lots of opertnity to do whatever you want and suport there to help guide you whenever you need it. im not sure how much this changes from the MATP and BATP but the facilities are good for both and I would think with the new development they will only get better.


hope this answers some of what you wantd to know



(CSSD: 2nd year BATP Production LX)

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Thank you

Just got an interview date through and not been to visit the school yet so any info is much appreciated, if the Oval is that grotty, it sounds as though it may be worth deferring untill the new building is up and running.

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