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Canon XM2


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I am looking to buy a Canon XM2 for use in basic graphics and video production for projecting at live events. As a student however I cannot possibly afford the £1300 new price tag. A quick google gives a couple of ebay links on used cameras however I was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere that sold refurbished models or second hand models that I can check before I buy (Personally I dont trust used items on ebay as it is difficult to see the product fully before comitting to buy)


Sorry if this post sounds pathetic but it was the only place I could think to ask.





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The snag with this kind of kit is that the price does laregly reflect the risk. I do buy expensive kit on ebay and have been disappointed just twice - however, there are quite a few scams that I have avoided, that would perhaps have caught out ebay novices.


It may be worth checking out tv-bay.com who are professional video 'brokers' Many well known companies shift their one-offs or ex-demo stuff via tv-bay. Everybody is contactable and you can get tolook at the stuff and test it before you commit.



The major snags with a camcorder on eBay are simply:

1. is it stolen?

2. Is it worn out or faulty

3. Does it actually exist?


The major scam is someone getting hold of the access details for a genuine eBay seller. they put up the ad, make some excuse why they can't be emailed and offer items very, very cheap, needing cash payments, or western union money orders or similar - the goods don't exist, and the real seller isn't aware they are 'selling' the item. Remember, if it is really cheap - then something is wrong. if you can work out these issues, then some great bargains are possible - but the risk is always there, you just need to minimise the risk. I never bid more than I can afford to lose.


As you want a specific model, keep searching eBay and then if the seller is genuine, they'll not mind you travelling to check it out before the auction ends.

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