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Bristol fabrication company website needed

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I'm trying to remember a website for a specific company I want to contact - and I've lost the link and can't remember their name! They're a fabrication/prop building company who make stuff for TV and film, aswell as some stuff like stageing and backdrops for live events. Their based just south west (I think) of Bristol, and they've got 2 premesis a few miles apart. On their website is some of the stuff they've done, including a 3/4 scale rhino they CNC milled - not something you forget! They made quite a bit about the CNC stuff they do and the rhino was quite impressive!


I was sure I bookmarked the site for future reference - but now the future is here I can't find it! I've tried google, but 'cnc rhino bristol' etc is fairly useless. :)

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