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Jand Event 416


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We have a JandsEvent 416 at my college and it has started to play up a bit.


1. We started to record a show and it was going fine until we went to record the black outs. First time it worked second time, went to run the Que random scrollers appear in the Que and now every time you run the Que there is a different scroller and colour in the Que. Have tried editing the Que and taking the scrollers out and the same thing happens again and again. I have also tried copying the blackout Que that works and this still has no effect. Does anyone know how to sort this problem or is it a desk situation.




2. Does anyone know how to delete a Que on the desk as we have looked in the instruction manual and can not find it any were.


Can anyone help.



Thanks in advance



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Your first question requires punctionation. it's 1.25am and your post is far too hard to read.


As five_pin_xlr said, check the DMX stuff, address, and termination (just for fun).


I've never used scrollers with this desk, but it's possible that you're editing it incorrectly. You said you've looked through the manual to find how to remove cues, but I think perhaps you should read the manual from cover to cover. I've done it a couple of times and it's actually really useful, you find out about all sorts of cool features which you never knew existed (There's tetris hidden in the OS of the desk by the way :))


I very much doubt it's a desk situation, but you could try reflashing the firmware, available for download (along with the latest manual which, I assure you, tells you how to remove memories) from http://www.jands.com.au/.


To delete a cue, look up "Clear". This is Jands' word for delete. Oh, and Jands calles cues "memories".


To clear a cue (P42 of the manual), hit the Clear button, followed by the Mem button, then select the cue you want to delete. Obviously if you want to delete a whole series of cues, you can also do that.


I hope that makes sense and is useful.



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Update: I've just remembered something helpful... the problem seems to occur less frequently if the DMX address of the scroller is not very different from the DMX address of the associated dimmer, i.e. if the dimmer DMX address is 34, try and put the scroller on 37, for example, not 101.
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