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Hi, I just posted a very similar message to this in general before I realised this was where it should have really gone. Very sorry if I've annoyed anyone.


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Ok basically I am graduating this year with a foundation degree in stage management and technical theatre. My specialist pathways are stage management and lighting design and I need to fulfill a period of work experience as one of my final units. I am super keen to do a placement in london and have tried several of the big theatres to no real avail. I have just started trying some of the big theatre producers and have also applied to the King's Head in Islington and am working on the Canal Cafe. Has anyone got any ideas or which would give me a foot in the door? xx

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To get work placements in the West End, you need to do some walking....


My friend is just finishing her degree at LIPA, and has had some excellent work placements in the last year on "The Producers" "Sinatra" and "Guys & Dolls", working as an ASM. When talking to her about it, I discovered that she had gotten this work because she had done some real leg work, and trekked around every theatre she was interested in, CV in hand.


Also, I think she always went in the afternoons, as she was more likely to find the people she needed to talk to actually at the theatre.


As for lighting design, it's a tricky one. I know of several places you can do work placements for lighting technician type things, but not the design side.....


Hope this is of some help anyway

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