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Chroma-Q Colour Block


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Hi Pheamer,


I am using the Chroma Q Color Blocks a lot at the moment. In fact I am staring at a load of them now up - lighting a 4 metre cyc, which they are doing a great job of.


However, I find LED Battens generally are far to narrow to be used for washing anything, which also precludes them from being used as footlights.


There is no reason why you couldn't use an LED Washlight though. The PALCOs may be useful to you.






F - Wyg


Edited to say: I believe there might be a beam kit for the color blocks (up to 20 or 30 degrees). A.C. Lighting are distributors I believe, you may be able to get more infor from them, doubtless Andy or somebody will jump in if they read your post)

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