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Strand error prompt


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Thanks for your responses.

Sorry to seem slack on replying but I'm trying to get the house in order for a move OS (how does one person gather so much junk?!)



1) It's a 550i

2) Yeah I should have mentioned that a 220clean and 220test was done several times (to be sure) but the problem persists.


Does anyone know where the message queue lives? The only listing I've found is the number of 'hits' under "CONSQ full" in the internal diagnostics page. Seems that when that figure reaches 600 odd the desk spits the dummy. Is there any chance it might be network related? (we have an aging hub that I'm suspicious about)



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At what point do you get the message?


Try loading the show a bit at a time, ie just loading patch, then just cues, then etc.etc.


Was the show originally recorded on your desk or did it come from somewhere else where the channel count or config may have been different?

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Strangely enough I had this very error this morning loading a show on our 500 series... Couldn't find any faults with the show after loading however, and subsequent loads of the same and different shows didn't generate an error.


Kazeja, what exactly is "Message queue full" anyhoo?

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