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Scroller and Jester


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The scroller will just change value dependant on the value it is receiving over DMX. Therefore if you move the fader slower the value will change slower and therefore the scroller will change colour slower. This do what your asking for?
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sorry I should have been more clear I ment the speed the scroller changes colour


Im confused , easy on a fri night! scrollers dont have a remote colour speed like some movers have. some have it on board as an option.

if you record a cue with a scroller at frame 1 then cue 2 with the scroller on frame 16 it will take how ever long the fade time is on the cue to get from one end to the other of the gel string! if thats not what you mean then please let us know!!

HTH pete

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I assume the scrollers you refer to are the Gelstream scrollers in our hire stock. Yes you can alter the speed they control at via fade times in a cue as commented above. The Gelstream scrollers, as standard have a 12 colour scroll mounted in them, which in theory means you can have more definition for scroll times over say a Chroma Q Scroller which has 16 colour scrolls as standard.


It is possible to also use Scrollers on the Jester via the auxiliary functions. However this could proove to be a bit of a pain, as the auxiliaries cannot be plotted into cues, so would mean manual colour changes. Auxiliaries are normally used for smoke machines etc. How many dimmer channels are you running?


Should you be interested in a training day on the Jester, we can offer one in house or at your school. Just get in contact with us via the link on my sig.

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