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Red Government Box


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I am working on a political comedy where I need 3 Red Governmental Boxes (Like the one Gordon Brown Holds up in front of number 11). We have already made one but to make a further three would take longer than our rehearsal period and prove expensive. Does anyone know of any prop houses that may have them in stock? Does anyone know who makes the real ones or does anyone know who makes red leather briefcases. Thanks in advance!
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In short no...but have you thought about taking a cheep brief case and recovering it. It's not that hard to take the locks out and handle and feet off then simply recover it by stretching the new material over the old and stapling it inside.
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Sorry guys... Didn't think to add a link as the SMA forum is members only jobbie ~ I replied there first, cos thats where I saw the first plea for boxes.


Here is my post copied across...

Well ebay turned up 20 available of these

And combined with a pencil, a bit of card, a leatherman and one of these

you should be well away.


The insignia... should you need it




Good luck!

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