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Sourcing your mic kit


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Seeing as Blenderm and Transpore are special order items these days, I was wondering if Blue Roomers would care to share local shops that sell these (or similar) items.


Yes, you can get these online easily enough but how about 5.00pm on a show day when you realise that part of your radio mic kit is looking a little empty ...


I've a preference for finding out about sources on the streets of London but don't see why this shouldn't open out into a guide to finding things you need at the last minute


And no, I don't need anything at the last minute, now, but you can guarantee that I will at some point, particularly if I haven't asked ;)

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The original post was concerned with the fact that some of these brands are difficult to find - I suspect he was looking for possible 'chains' that stock them as a normal, not special item orders. I have removed some posts that seemed to have a problem with this - pending discussion with other mods. Now the posts have been removed, some other posts no longer made sense - so for clarity, I have removed those ones too. The writers have been informed why this was done.



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Wow, what did I miss? turn my back for a few days ...


I've only just returned to this thread and now have all sorts of questions about what posts were removed. But that's neither here nor there.


This was merely an attempt to allow people to find shops that they could get to at a moments notice and not wait for a delivery - anything else implied was unintended. The mention of London was just because that's where I live and work.


The mention of specific brands was merely the trend to stick with what we now works. I'm just imagining the look on a performers face if you were to say "well, I ran out of Transpore but I was about to buy some cheap clear tape from Superdrug. Hold still ..." <_<


Charlyfarly's post was the kinda thing I was expecting back. Hopefully, I'm not making a mistake by wondering how anyone could have a problem with this.


@Bobbsy - I'd read that thread when searching the Blue Room before posting. I was trying to add some specific shops - maybe I should have added this question to that thread. But then, having this thread allows for local sellers of wire, elastic, and other hair clip based products ...

Besides, sometimes, it's somebody else's kit you are trying to restock :off:


@Lamplighter - Sourcing micropore is definitely not a problem, it's finding off the shelf sellers of transparent tape that can be used on skin that was the focus of my OP


And BTW, I've purchased some of the Superdrug tape to try it out.


I'm still interested in having other, recommended, shops or outlets added.


Peace all.

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