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MP2 Output


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Right, when we're prepping mac's we use an MP2 to configure their personalities... this doesn't take much time once you've mastered the MP2 and it becomes second nature eventually.


But there is a lot of room for human error so we're looking to design a small bit of code that sends all the same information to the mac, but without having to go through all the menus on the MP2.


Martin have said that they have it on their list of things to do because it's a good idea... but it's WAY down the list! So we're looking to try and come up with our own version... but to do it - we need to know what the MP2 is sending to the mac's.


Does anyone know enough about DMX, programming and analysis to help me out... I just want to analyse the MP2 output to work out how to replicate it.



Side Note: Once again the spell checker on a technical theatre forum has amazed me by not knowing DMX!

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