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Quick GrandMA light expansion question...


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Hey Guys,


quick question re: the grandMA light. I know it has 4 DMX outputs by way of 5 pin XLR's on the back which is great, however, I need to get 6 universes of DMX out. my question is: can I do this using just the console (with 4 outs) and then a 2 port node (to get the other 2 outputs), or do I need to have an NSP? I ask this just because 6 universes is all we need, and an NSP is a very expensive solution just to get control of 2 more universes.



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As mentioned above you can either use a NSP or the Expansion chip


The expansion chip will be the cheapest option coming in at £1,910 List. (AC Lighting Price)

Of course not many people actually pay a list price for anything so you may want to contact MA Lighting UK (Richard Lambert) for more details and prices.


Of course you can go to any of the large lighting sales company's to buy this, so please no body think I'm touting for the above company's.



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Thanks guys,


So basically, I've figured out the ideal would be having 7-8 universes total. I think we're gonna go with the NSP, purely because we can use the grandma console + NSP for big events and then use a laptop + NSP for smaller ones.





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