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Frequency Management Software


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Hey Guys,


I was re-configuring a group of about 24 radio mics and 20 IEMs today to interoperate with one another and obviously this is quite a time consuming process. So I was wondering whether there are any useful bits of software out there that aid in managing radio mic frequencies?

I had a quick blue room search and didnt find anything...


Basically we have around 30 radio mics and 22 IEM systems in total which are used in various configurations in various locations and so need to be tuned in such a way that we can use larger numbers together for special events, but normally in smaller groups in different locations. Each location has their own No-go frequencies, due to interference etc, plus licensing restrictions etc...


Surely there must be something out there designed for this kind of stuff?


any thoughts?



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There are a couple of intermod programs that I am ware of, although some of the database info in them may be USA centric. A friend of mine was using Intermod on a large tour last year and swears by it. There is also a new program from Professional Wireless in Florida called IAS. Intermod is only $40, but IAS is $250. There is also Wireless Workbench from Shure, which will only control Shure wireless mics, but will do intermod calculations for anything. Wireless Workbench is free. I am sure Sennheiser has a similar product.



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The Sennheiser software is called SIFM and is available HERE.


The trouble with manufacturer-specific software is that the quality of the RF filters used can greatly affect intermod performance. Even within Sennheiser's own range there are big variations among the products from bottom to top of the prices. This makes it hard to mix and match models and manufacturers with absolute safety.


Of course, the same problem applies in reverse to the generic software...you need some very specific details of the performance of the gear you'll use...and not all the numbers that should be considered are always published.



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I tend to use SIFM, it is pretty versatile and customizable, and my guess is would work OK with other quality manufacturers as well as Sennheiser. You can print out colour coded charts once you've done your analysis, which is handy to send out with sets of mics. It's certainly good of them to give this software away for free!


all the best


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thanks for all the replies.


Were using a selection of the following:


Shure UHF-R

Shure Premiere

Shure ULX series

Sennheiser 5000 series

Sennheiser IEM300

Shure PSM600.


as I said about 50 all up, that need tuning in various configurations. I'll try the above and see how I get on.



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