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Eagles Farewell tour rig


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I don't have any press releases for it, nor do LSi or ETnow it seems, so finding any info other than from the Aus crew might be a bit tricky. Will do some digging with some contacts I have out there and see what I can muster.
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Guest steve113
JUst a bit curious here, does anyone have any specifications from the Eagles Farewell 1 Tour from Melbourne? I was watching it the other night and the rig is huge, I am curious as to if anyone knows any of the equipment used for the show?



I did this the first time round, or was it the second? lighting contractors were last time PRG its well known that for a number of years the old LSD had particular interests with the Eagles. last time it was an Icon control console and lots of Icons. I heard rumours that it was lots of VL3000s and a grandma, but I could be wrong. if you are luck I will try to find out.


please no messages or emails I have told you everything I know.

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