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I have been told that it is a stage lift, not flying - there is some stuff on the stage's, stagetalk forum about it.



Any reason why it couldn't just be done via FOYs?


Would be suprised if it was anything like, not enough room in the air or something..



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Nope. Its done that way because thats they way its always been done in this show. Apparently the set designer and director didnt want it to look like conventional flying, as she is supposed to be flying on a broomstick-additionally, there is a tiny amount of time for her to get into the rig, and although conventional wires could be attached in this time,apparently this would also affect other things going on onstage at the time.
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Hi All,


Went to see Wicked (again) last night (I love my girlfriend really) and thought that they have added more lights to the end of Defying Gravity.


They seem to have added some more of the multi coloured breakup (from the VL's) from the side booms, cutting accross the stage.


Have they always been there? or did I only just spot them last night?



Any one in the know?

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I am admitting to having seen Wicked more than once by saying this (!), but here goes. I thought the lighting for the show looked absolutely amazing from the stalls - particularly the use of the rotating multi-colour gobos from above in the haze - an effect used quite often, but to best effect in Defying Gravity.


For me though, the effect was much less impressive when I watched from the circle. Obviously it's impossible to stop light in mid-air and prevent it from reaching a surface, and this is something I've noticed in my own designs - the effect of a gobo punching through haze and backlighting performers is spectacular, but when your eye wanders to the edge of the stage you can't help but notice the less than aesthetic "splodge" on the masking <_<


Anyway, I'm not ranting about the lighting in Wicked at all - had I watched from the circle on my first visit I would still have been impressed I'm sure, but it looks much "neater" from the stalls.

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I've seen Wicked only once, from the stalls, centre of row F. I first of all have to say the show was fantastic. As for the lighting I loved it and thought there was some wonderful gobo work going on - particularly on the false prosc pieces.


The same weekend we saw Avenue Q for the second time again from pretty close in the stalls and the show is also great - I love the puppetry and it is very funny. From a lighting perspective again I thought there was wonderful gobo effects. But I have decided that next time I go to see this I'd like to sit in the Dress Circle so that I can see the gobo effects on the floor.



Just goes to show that we can all have "favourite" views of gobo effects.

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