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Muse @ Wembley

Pastie Kid

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The FOH engineer will almost definitely be Mark Carolan and so the PA will probably come from Skan (Carolan seems to like Skan quite a bit). I'm expecting it to be V-Dosc too. Have fun at the gig. I have tickets but won't be able to go (exam the day after) :huh:.
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Also, if you're interested, the rest of the kit list will probably go something like this:

Digidesign D Show

XL42 Preamps

DBX160 - kick & snare

Tube Tech - Bass

Alan Smart C2 - Piano


Guitar - Royer V122

Bass - M88, SM57 & Line6 Pod

Kick - Beta 91

Snare - 57 (top), KMS 105 (bottom)

Toms - Opus 88


See p46 of this months LSI, or www.musewiki.com for more.

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