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Hey Blueroom,


Ok, once again I'm trying to expand my knowledge of all things theatrical. I've been set the task by my manager of designing and making two backdrops for two of our regular nights. They've said to me just to buy some material and paint the design on. However I pointed out to them that it needed to be fire retardent, which they've told me not to be worried about. Personally I am worried about it, especially when the fire safety officer came in the middle of an event last year and made us take down a drape we had certificates for telling us it was fire proof.


So to get to the point, can anyone help me with sourcing inherently fire proof material or advise on an appropriate fireproofing substance (the only ones I've ever come across seem to take months to dry properly). Also could you advise on what to use to paint the backdrop with. It's approximately a 10m x 5.5m area. We have a very limited budget so I think in house design is the only option.


Thank you for your help.

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