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Mixer Design Project

Ben Langfeld

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I remember reading a website a few months ago which I found a link to (I believe) on these forums. The site was run by a single guy and hosted details of many projects, including things like DI boxes, basic graphic EQs and also a mixing desk project. I would very much like to find this website again, but all the googling in the world isn't helping me (yes, I've searched the forum too). Does this website ring a bell with anyone, and does anyone have any idea of either the web address or, for instance, the name of the guy?


Any help would be much appreciated,


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I must say. How embarrassing. Within 5 minutes of posting this, amongst yet more efforts on Google (:(), I managed to find the site again :santa:. For reference, if anyone else is looking for this now or in the future, the address is http://sound.westhost.com/.


Mods, feel free to close this thread.


Edit: Beaten to it! Amazing.

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