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fantastic used of LED tubes


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a building @ china.


fantastic used of LED tubes.





anyone who needs to know more abt this 20 th floor ++ big tv, can contact my friend, leon.


Moderation: email address removed - pm the poster if you need it


this was his project...


and maybe can find out more abt lighting from his blog.


www.pasef.blogspot.com ;)

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Nah, blinkenlights was a totally diy aproach using a lamp behind each window in a building. The first project used open white lamps and simple on/off control. The control software could be used to play interactive games and simple animations as well as display messages recieved via sms.


I know it was a bit off topic but what the hey, cool videos by the way.

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I just contacted leon (actually I don;t know him,never meet him before, just by chance viewed his blog and we are now skype friend :unsure: ),

he told me that the LED tube is abt USD 100 for one tube, the building is using abt 1000 tubes....

and it's actually using wywg concept, means, what you see in computer, will be played on the BIG TV!.

means can play any types of files, formats,


the LED tube is actually using RGB LEDs, same concept for the LED big screen panel..... but this one is in a tube form.....


cool!!! ;)

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I was in china for few months ago, and had a great chance to watch a good show with these big tvs.....and a fantastic lighting show along pearl river......

besides this building, I think there're about 10 buildings using the same stuff... the city is cheered up with lights, moving head, search light and these big tvs....

as far as I known, the china government is only using PASEF lighiting products, included LED tubes, LED panel, moving heads and search lights for the city's decoration...

I plan to have this at my place as well, is there anyone know about PASEF?


simon258, can I have the contact of your friend?

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hi maus,


where do you like to have all these stuff?

u can always call or chat to my friend, leon , a young asian guy,



thanks simon258,


I'm contacting him,

from the site, www.pasef.blogspot.com ,

I found that this company is participated in plenty events and shows as well.

I'm just thinking to try out thier products.

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Ya, leon told me that the events and projects are a prelude for his company to qualify in participate Olympic 2008.

Now they are actually preparing for olympic 2008 in Beijing, they will be a super huge big LED screen using in the opening,

the athelic field will be filled up with a really giant size LED screen, so that the dancers can perform on top of the screen with videos.....

can't wait to watch that......not really sure how can they prevent the damage of the LED screen.... coz few thounsand people will be standing on top, step and dance on top the screen.... :unsure: ;)

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Moderation: PLEASE As some of the older members have said, there is no need to quote every single post, over and over again.


Much of the posting was also personal chat, that makes no sense to the rest of us - so this kind of traffic goes best via PM.


And finally - NEVER post real email addresses or personal details in the open forums - It's dangerous, and once google spiders it, you can order your larger email mailbox ready for all the junk mail.


It's taken me nearly half and hour to sort this mess out - please take care people



I have also removed the posts from the members who pointed out the problem - thanks guys

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