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BlueToe Awards 2004 - CLOSED


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Nominations are now closed


BlueToe Awards 2004


To celebrate the first very successful year in this forum may I present you with (please add miscued fanfare here) - The BlueToe Awards.


A rough guide to:

Some awards will be presented to the best suggestions and others on amount of nominations. You may not nominate yourself unless stated in the award description. Every registered Blue room user is invited to participate.




Most helpful Blue Room person

- Awarded to most nominations.


Most helpful Blue Room company rep

- Awarded to most nominations.


Speel Clunker of the year

- Best suggestion award for the biggest villain, who has abused the Queen's English this year within the forum (you may nominate yourself for this catagory)


Biggest Oooops

- Awarded to your most popular Blue Room "ouch" story


Biggest distraction from work

- Please nominate the best link or game posted on the Blue Room within the last year that has enhanced your life and made your day slightly less productive


Luxemburg can we have your votes please or how to participate

To vote PM the person below related to the category. In your message please clearly indicate who your nomination and reason. It would be helpful to keep messages short and in plain English.


To Vote for 'Most Helpful'. PM Fiona


For Company Rep - PM Me


For Speel Clunker - PM Bryson


For Biggest Oooopss - PM Thirdtap


For Distraction - PM Stu



Voting will close on 12pm 24th January

Winners will be announced at the Blue room Birthday Bash on 31st January and posted on the forum by 2nd February


And finally...

What do the winners have to look forward to from these very worthwhile awards?

We (the moderators) are working on finding suitable prizes at the moment (If you or your company are interested, get in touch) so the only thing that you can be sure of is the winner will receive a suitable title on their Blue room profile.


Thank you very much for your time.



The BlueToe awards are kindly being supported by Wavicle, in association with Opalec.

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