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palette OLE

matt freeman

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In order to make your chase work correctly, you need to put a capital letter at the beginning of each chase step, and a few apostrophes at well-chosen positions within the channel level information. Oh, no, hang on - that's something else, isn't it?



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It's OK Gareth, I think I can see what the OP means, although it took a couple of reads :unsure:


Ah, yes. The effects engine is the only part of the Marquee, now Strand, OLE I can't get my head fully around. I've played with the Ballyhoo effect and managed to get that running, stopping and changing through cues


I've just booted up the OLE and had a play.


It looks like a standard intensity chase can be propgrammed on a seperate cue list (right click on the cue lists panel at the top left of the screen and select New) which is then fired as a looping list from the main cue list you're running on your A/B output. I'm sure I did this a few weeks ago, but can;t remember how to trigger one cue list from amother at the moment.


Have a wade through the Help files. There's stuff in there to get you started, but I think a Strand tutorial may well be needed.

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Quick way to do a Chase:



[1] [THRU] [10] [ENTER]

{EFFECT [s10]}{EFFECT [s10]}


"New Intensity Effect" should appear




List of effects popup and you chose from the softkeys which one you want.


Simple Chase is {Black Wrap [s1]}


Then holding down :


[s1] and moving the wheel should speed it up slow it down.


[RELEASE] stops the effect.

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Thanks for that, Bill - although I think you meant Block Wrap ;)


For tutorials I was thinking of things like


Step 1 - 1+5@100

Step 2 - 1+5@0 2+4@100

Step 3 - 2+4@0 3@100




The manual is rather thin on effects and the macro stuff in the manual doesn't quite match up with the software, I'm afraid

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ive managed to get some effects to work, however at the bottom of the effects menu is an option called "chase" which when selected, causes the ole to die a horrible painful death. and it does it every time this option is selected,

the other effect options are fine, but im still wondering how to program them into cues.

ill keep playing around and see where it gets me.



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