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Problems with my spark, again


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I'm having issues with my compulite spark LX again, its different this time than last.

Basically in system config, and I want to have 6 spots of 22parameters I change the parameter for that to 6, but it comes up saying it has to be divided by 4, but 6 divided 4 is 1.5 so do I type that or what, another thing is when I want to load a device definition it says diskette full, but I havn't added anything, so what do I do here.


I have a amateur battle of the bands coming up on 16th dec, but want to understand yokes on it fully. the rig consists of 22 par cans 12 par 56 10 par 64, 2 blinders and 6 mac 250+.


This is probably best addressed to andy stone, but anyone else, any help would be welcome and very much apprectiated.


best regards

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When it says the number of spots must be divided by 4, it means it must be divisible by four, try using 8, the extra two will be ignored. Say I had 13 spots of 20ch, I would have to set the desk up for 16 spots of 22 ch to get them in.

As for loading your device, the spark does weird things with it's syntax for this, and as I haven't touched one for a long time I can't remember. Over to Andy....

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