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Midi Trigger


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I was wondering , I am after some software like Gtype or similar, what I need it to do is basically trigger of midi notes.


I have a Akai Z8 sampler and I would like something the ran on a PC and I could basically press the space bar and it would trigger of a Midi note, once it has completed that cue it moves on to the next cue, so when you press the space bar again it triggers of yet another midi note, etc....


Hope that makes sense.



Does any one know of any nice cheap software what would do this?


Cheers :D

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I remember using a piece of software called "Kontact" which allowed a MIDI keyboard to be connected to a laptop, where the notes on the keyboard would fire off recorded sound effects and the such like. Used it in Panto last year - very handy indeed. Not sure if it is this way round that you mean though.


After thought: Maybe some kind of show control program which fired Midi as opposed to DMX would be more appropriate.


EDIT: A quick search of Midi show control brings up some useful bits and bobs :)

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As you have already stated, I work with G-Type quite a lot and it does everything you seem to be requesting...

At £400 it's not particularly expensive, is rock solid in operation and can be run syncronised with another pc for backup!


Link G-Type



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Hi. Have a look at Q-Lab: http://figure53.com. This program seems pretty reliable. I have used the free version for basic audio cues on a few small shows and it seems pretty stable etc. For £150, they are offering what you are after for midi triggering. It might be worth a try. You can download the free demo version to check it out. The only downside (if you're a pc user), is that they only make it for Mac at the moment. Tough! :D


If you have the money, though, go for G-Type.



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