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LED 'Strobe'/Flood - Any Experiences?


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Hi everyone,


I am considering buying some 'A-Tech' LED strobes/floods for up-lighting some large gauze banners and walls at the back of a stage for a regular venue I work for.


It's basically to provide quick colour changing wash effects on the back cyc, which is white gauze. Due to power issues, regular generic stuff such as ground-rows, floods, cans and scrollers aren't viable.

We currently rent a few pixelines but for the cost, they are not being used to their full potential. The floods I'm considering are only £50 each at the moment and each contain 630 LEDs, they are cheap and chinese but I've had LED tubes from the same place and they are very reliable.


I was just wondering if anyone had used them or any of the similar copies and could tell me how bright they are (according to the spec 49,000 lumens, but I'm not so sure)FOH, we have four Source 4 Juniors, 8 Par 64s and then 4 MiniMacs that also project gobos onto the gauze at the back. The angle on the pars and S4s mean that the gauze doesn't get washed out but the LEDs would have to contend with the Macs.


Hope this makes sense!


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...and could tell me how bright they are (according to the spec 49,000 lumens...


With the small 5mm leds that is in it, 49.000 lumens is at least exaggerated by a factor of 10...


If it even is 2000 lumens I would be impressed... propably between 1k and 1.5k lumens... (if leds not overdriven or very good... but for that price..)


49000 lumens... thats more light than the light of a 1500w halogen flood...

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I got one of these some time ago (have a look in the LED par can thread).


The reliability was very bad. I had to fix quite a lot of dry joints in it, and have to say I'm not overly impressed with the brightness (you can look directly into it when its on full for instance). The overall build quality is pretty poor as well, the case is very thin sheet metal and it just feel really cheap to be honest.


At low values it flickers quite noticeably. It does up-light walls ok, but I have only tried it on small ones (i.e. my office). I suspect with several of them together you might be ok.


If you anywhere near Bristol your welcome to try it out.



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These sound like the cheep LED par64s coming out of china.. They work.. thats about all they do. :D Sorry for being cynical. Doing a gig on Friday night, 2 of the 12 we were using didn't survive the gig after only being 3 months old..


maybe have a look at these. It's 4x 500w floods in a box, thats got preset colours with built in chases, or DMX control of each 'cell'.




Ive got 8 of these units myself, Ive them for cyc duties.. so 4 in the air, 4 on the deck, work fine.. Lamps are cheap. Ok they each draw a touch over 2k at full on, but they hardly ever reach full on on all cells.


Brightness wise, they stand up to all the mac 250s fine, pars, etc. Not as good against mac 600's or similar, but like for £114 a unit you can't complain.


Terralec do the UK branded version by Acme/Isolution, same unit, just cost more from terralec. Shipping from Thomann's free if u spend over 199 euros!





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The pair I tried (cyc washing was the aim) needed to be a long way from the cyc, and ran out of steam towards the bottom. I also found the barn doors pretty useless as they on ly work on the cells on that side, meaning when shuttered in you then get odd colour casts as the cells on the other side overlap at a different place on the cyc. The pair I had also got unbearably hot when all on!
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