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UK Stage Management Yahoo Group

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Hello All,


Peter has given me his blessing to let you know that there is now a yahoo group aimed at professional stage managers in the UK, which we hope will very much complement sites such as The Blue Room:


UK Stage Managers Yahoo group


You will need to join the group in order to access archives and to post messages. You can choose to receive posts by email or via the web page. The group is not afilliated to any particular organisation and you do not need to be a member of the SMA or any other such organisation in order to join. A new member's first post is moderated before appearing, but after that posts should appear automatically (provided the rules of the group are respected).


We very much hope to get some lively discussion going and encourage both professionals and students to join and get posting, whether you want to swap tips, get advice from others or just have a moan after a horrible day...


We are also gradually setting up links there as well - and indeed that is how I came across this great site! Please contribute any others you think may be of interest.


Best Wishes

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