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we want to upgrade from our old 20U rack of old H&H v800 / MX 1200 amplifiers and are thinking of going for a smaller rack comprising:


1 x 3U Crown MA5000VZ to power 4 x JBL 4719X twin 18" sub bass

(1200w/4ohm per cab = 2400w/2ohm load per side)


1 x 2U Crown MA3600 to power 4 x JBL M355s

(400w/8ohm per cab = 800w/4 ohm per side)

(will double up to 1600w/2ohm if/when we can source another 4 M355s <_< )


1 x 2U Crown MA3600VZ to power 8 x JBL M350/M330s

(350w/8ohm per cab = 1400w/2 ohm load per side)


this will give a total of 9.2kw rms, comprising 4800w sub bass, 1600w bass, 2800w switchable full range or mid-hi,

any opinions on this configuration would be appreciated.


the JBL M350s & M330s are rated 8ohm per cab and have 2xspeakons for linking, we currently link them in pairs down to a 4 ohm load. With the new set-up, to get a 2 ohm load do we simply daisy chain 4 cabinets to achieve this, or do we need to think two pairs of two cabinets??




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My suggestion would be to not use Crown MA series - they are good amps, but VERY heavy. Things have moved on quite a bit since then.


Check out Lab Gruppen fP series or QSC powerlight/powerlight2.


I'd get 1 x Lab fp6400 and 2 x Lab fP3400 myself.




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