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Computer Controled LED


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Ok, this isnt really stage related atall more room related, im looking for a reasonably cheap way to have a computer controled led lighting system, the space im thinking of is very small, so several small panels of LEDs would be more than enough. anyone got any ideas or suggestions, ive seen that screwfix direct have some small led lighting panels for gardens and homes.
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You've admitted that it's not stage related but is it still theatre related? If not; I'm sorry but it doesn't belong on this forum.


Before we could begin to offer suggestions you would need to explain

  • What size the room is
  • What colours you need (RGB / white only / other)
  • What level of light you need (Dim room, super bright)
  • What you mean by "computer control" (Does it have to me a 'PC/MAC' or would a dedicated embedded controller do. Do you need remote control if so what (DMX/Ethernet/Serial/USB/...)

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