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Changes to Tea Break


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Following an interesting poll and discussion about the status of the Tea Break forum, the Moderators/Admin team have been putting their heads together and have come up with the following changes:

1) Tea Break will become a Members Only forum, not visible to people visiting the site who have not yet joined. It will be possible to discuss many topics that do not fit in our other forums. To make the point that it still remains (and, indeed is strengthened as) an area for backstage technicians, its name will change to 'The Crew Room'. It will not be spidered by Google.

2) In a slight relaxing of the existing rules, matters relating to c0mputing, will be permitted in any relevant forum, but the OP must show a definite connection with the entertainments industry. If Blue Room members can give industry-specific advice then we are happy to help, but we don't want to be hosting questions which could be better answered elsewhere.

3) Matters relating to d0mest1c electr1cs will still not be permitted for the same reasons as above.

4) We will look at producing an amendment to the 'View New Posts' function that will allow members not to see posts from individual forums of their choice.


We feel that these small changes to the running of the Blue Room represent an improvement to the overall facility offered, and take on board the views of a majority of members and staff.

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