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I'm interested in buying some small speakers for dances or things like that. I am thinking of the JBL EON15 G2 or the Mackie SRM450.


I am leaning towards the JBL but I'm interested in what you guys think is better and why?

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Hate the sound of the JBL, can tell one well before I can see it in many of the local bars & clubs and it makes me cringe. (There must be a local installer putting them in all over the place :down: )


I use a lot of Mackie at work and would recommend it highly.


I think know others may not agree with me, and will offer other opinions <_<


I guess that a good EQ will sort the JBL out. IMO the SRM 450 needs no extra EQ & I will often use it for both main & mons with my EQ flat.


Best bet would be to hire the systems to try, or, to get a company that does both to give you a demo. You can not make a big decision like this from oppinions you get from an internet forum!


Over to you Bob! :(

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