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Non-Traditional Projection Surfaces


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I'm doing research on Non-Traditional Projection Surfaces beyond your standard Front/Rear Projection surfaces and scrim.


Does anyone know of any products worth looking at? Any products that are bad to use? Anything New and exciting in this field?


Any and all information you all can provide would be great!


Thanks for your time!



Lighting Design Graduate Student

University Of Maryland

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I have been told of a sheet of water, falling at the back of the stage, through which the act jumped at the start of the show, so just "appearing" from the projection.


Didn't see it though. Could have been pulling my leg. :)

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Water is widely used, but there is also a smke wall that can be used, but cant remember where I saw it...

True we have used lots of different things I will list a few I can remember off the top of my head


1. Fogscreen - a kind of air conditioning mist works very well but needs a bright projector and a black backround to increase contrast.


2. Water - we have some sites where we actually project onto the water


3 Glass - we often use privalite glass, the last one I did was the channel 5 news set.


4 buildings - as long as the power is there we have projected onto the side of buildings

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There are several theme parks (Futuroscope in France being one of the main ones) that have "Light Show" attractions at the end of the day, which use enormous sprays of water as projection screens. The water is usually sprayed out in a fan to about 50ft height, and projection is done from the rear. I'll see if I can dig out a photo or two when I get in from work. Can get a bit blinding if you're sitting opposite the projector!
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I agree with FFM - not just skin, but people in general - works best if they are wearing white clothing and the surrounding area is dark - or are light skinned and wearing - shall we say - less? :)


Incidentally, for cheap projection surfaces, the £3 white vinyl shower curtains from B & Q are pretty good!

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