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t.amp 2400


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Newbe here - please be gentle.


I have taken a search through the forum (and what a wonderful place this is!) but haven't found this exact question which is:


I'm spec-ing a PA for a 10 Blues band I'm in. I've seen some good feedback about the t.amp series on the forum and requested the spec sheet from Thomann for the t.amp 2400 and 1400.


That showed that whilst the TA1400 model is 13a (Max current draw 220v) the TA2400 is 15a. Does this mean that they won't work on a standard 13a UK plug socket?


Also (multiple question time here folks - sorry) - I'm looking at the Behringer B1220 or B1520 speakers - any feedback on how these run would be appreciated. The primary reason for looking at these is the cost - we're trying to do this as cheaply as possible for now and then upgrade kit later on as we get more gigs/experience.


The setup for the system I'm looking at (FOH) is:


Behringer SL2442FX-PRO mixer

Multicore 16/4

1 x TA1400 Power amp > powering > (either) 2 x Behringer B1220/B1520

1 x TA2400 Power amp > powering > 2 x Behringer B1800X

Cabling as required


Thanks in advance for any advice - it all helps.



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2400s work fine from a 13A plug -in fact inrush current is actually quite low and 2 of them don't trip the usually sensistive breakers that are protecting them when they get turned on together. I've pretty well abused them and they have been rock solid despite open and short circuits that they've accidentally been subjected to.


I would recommend them 100% without any qualms.

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Another thumbs up for the 2400. And you are fine from a 13A plug.


You'll probably notice that they have ome down a little in price, I only noticed earlier today when someone else asked me about them and linked me. I'm not sure how recent this price drop is but it makes a 2400 just shy of £200 which is fantastic value for money.



I'm a user of the amp not an owner, although I woudn't hesitate to buy some if I required them.


Quite a heavy amp weighing in at 23kg.



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Hello there :(


I have to say yet another thumbs up for the 2400, and oddly, one of our systems is almost the exact spec of what your planning to do...



behringer 2 way x-over

ta1050 for tops (driving 2 x b1220)

ta2400 for subs (driving 2 (or 4 depending on venue/band) of the B1800x)


...really impressed with the system! sounds really clear and get good punchy kick drums, and also oddly anough I do bits of work with a 10 piece soul band using this rig... almost your situation again! and I'd say the system copes really well, running the top + sub amps off a 13a is fine too (I have 2x ta1050's for mons in this system, which I run off a second 13a socket just incase as I reckon (loking in the manual) that all 4 amps together would definatly melt a fuse or two!) I've done the soul band in rooms up to 250 - 300 with it too if that helps...


I might say getting 2 subs a side would be also a good idea as you can then stack all the system too then making it alot safer, and gives it extra bass too of course <_<


I also have 8 of the F1220 monitors, same as the B1220 but in monitor form - again, really impressed with these, so If you need monitors I'd recomend them as then your FoH and Mons cabs will all sound the same, making EQing easier and also the system will look the same which is always nice :P


Hope that helps ;)





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If you have yet to buy the speakers I would recommend the B1220Pro over the original B1220. Whilst both are a good cab the Pro version does have the edge on it. These are multifunction cabinets so can act as FOH or monitors, this may be handy on some gigs, for example if you have FOH inhouse in a venue you could use your B1220 pros's as an extra pair of wedges.



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