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Company accident forms


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Hi everyone


Just a quick one re accident forms - I've recently started a CSM post with a small company and I'm a bit hesitant about a few things.... one of which being their accident forms. As I obviously need to keep good records while we're on tour (and then pass them onto the company to keep) I just wanted some advice on what the form needs to include.


Their current form is v simple, but doesn't specify much (only asks for date, description of accident, action taken & personnel involved). While this basically covers it (very basically admittedly!) I want to make sure I'm recording any accidents properly and that it's clear for others to use in future - I've had a look at the HSE and Riddor websites and just wanted to see if there was a shorter than 3 pages version that covered everything I need to record.


Any advice on this would be great!





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They have - it's the v basic 'date, description, action taken, personnel involved' one I mentioned. I just need to check if this is enough - this is literally all that's written on the page and I'm not sure this is sufficient. The company administrator gave me the form as 'their accident form' but I'm not sure if/when it was approved by the company.


Any comment on this would be great - I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything or cutting any corners.



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I have one here which has (after I take out the college specific bits)


Ref No

Person who had the accident; name, position (as in job), staff/vistor/ contractor etc, address, phone

Person filling in the form; same as above

About the accident; date ,time, location (with contact details of venue etc)

What happened?

Nature of injury

Actions taken (hospital, paramedic, first aid etc) If hospital, then details.

What did the person do next (go home, had a break, went back to work etc)

Further treatment

Causes of the accident


Manager's bit:


Causes of the accident

Was faulty equipment / wrong use of equipment involved?

Is accident likely to result in incapacity for more than three days, if so how long?

Is this accident reportable?

Names & addresses of witnesses

Other useful information

Recommended preventative action;

What preventative action has been taken?

Additional notes


I have not had to fill one in yet. I note that on 2 sides of A4 it is very cramped

Hope this helps :** laughs out loud **:

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Buy an accident book? There are approved types available from all sorts of places which have all the right fields and are normally self-carboning to save photocopying. Note that in the newest versions both halves are removed to protect the confidentiality of the victim.
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A standard accident book would be a good way to go. I've not looked at ones you can purchase as I've always worked for companies who have specific ones, but I would just check the one you get will give you all the info you need for the riddor forms. I suspect they do, but I've often had to put in riddors for minor slips that have turned into lost time accidents. Just because an accident doesn't look that serious, doesn't mean it won't take the injured party a while to recover properly.
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Accident Book BI 510 from HSE asks for:


person who had the accident: name address and occupation

person filling in the record (could be the person who had the accident if not serious): name address and occupation

about the accident: when it happened, where it happened, how it happened (give the cause if known), if injury suffered, what it was, signature and date (person filling in the record)


for the employer only box: if accident is reportable under RIDDOR, how was it reported (I assume this means "by phone, in writing etc"), date reported, signature.


as someone else has said, the completed sheet is removed from the book leaving a numbered counterfoil, and the record kept securely to comply with data protection legislation.


Of course for future reference, investigative or insurance purposes a more detailed report (such as Mark PAman describes) should be written, but it's not actually required for the accident book.

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