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Bluetooth microphones... useable?


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My partner uses a handheld wireless microphone when DJing. I looked around at various UHF wireless headset options, but wondered if a Bluetooth wireless headset mic would work. It's not for vocals, so I'm not so concerned about freq response, etc.


Anyone tried something like this, for example? Perhaps feedback may be a problem, though... and getting it through Ableton Live to the mixer...


On the other hand, anyone have any experience with the Samson Airline 77 Wireless Aerobics Headset? It's the only true wireless headset mic system I've seen.

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If you are looking for something on a budget similar to that of the blue tooth headset shown then there are budget radio mics (HH) available. I know Thomann do a range of there own which are about £75 IIRC. iv'e not tried these but have used their IEM setups before and they are very good.


Bluetooth can have a fairly limited range in the budget end of the market.


If this is not for vocals, what is it for?

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...as in, don't forget, speech is a vocal!


I don't know your proposed bluetooth mic at all but I'm pretty sure it would end up sounding like a telephone mic, probably not what you'd want as a pro DJ.


As for the aerobics mic, my personal view is that the weight of the TX pack on the headset would, in the long run, be far more inconvenient than a beltpack clipped to the waist.



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