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Martin EFX600 VS Wizard extreme


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Ok we are looking to buy a couple of "flower type" lights to add to our large roadshow and are considering the EFX600 (x2) or Wizard extreme (x1).


I was hoping to get a good look at the EFX at Plasa but the light was rigged up in a very bright place so couldnt get an idea of its performance! :S


Can anyone recommend/advise on this or possibly any other effects which would be better? Also where is the best place to get them at the best price?





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How the hell can they sell gear so much cheaper than the UK!?!?!


One of the oldest business models ever devised - pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap! (AKA Large volume, small margin)


Time was, electronic equipment was so unreliable, good service backup was essential, and customers paid a proportion of the cost of maintaining a large service / repair shop as part of the purchase price. These days, if a piece of kit doesn't fail during its first few weeks of usage, it'll probably last long enough to just discard once it eventually fails - by which time, there will undoubtedly be a newer, better replacement!


(BTW - my vote would be to go for the Wizard - it's got a 250 Watt discharge lamp - much brighter than the 150W items in the EFX600, and this type of barrel light needs a powerful light source)

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