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live aid college work

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hi all,


I am doing a piece of work in college where I have to compare the lighting used from the original live aid concert in 1985 and the live 8 in 2005.


I have found plenty of information the live 8, lighting, audio etc but nothing on live aid.


I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it or anywhere where I can find info...




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There is an article in the September 2005 issue of Total Production International magazine about the staging of live aid, with some details of crew and equipment (PARS and VL1s) so it may be worth contacting them to see if you could get hold of a copy, and if you haven't already, the summer 2005 issue also had a huge amount of detail about the production for Live8.




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Get the DVD and have a look! From memory I think they had about 2 movers in London, the rest parcans... those were the days, eh...


I do remember there was an excellent article on the audio side of live aid in Studio Sound magazine, mostly from the BBC side of the fence, but google turns up nothing, the magazine is defunct so try your local library for the old issues.

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