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Need Sound FX urgently

Dick The Cabin Boy

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Morning boys and girls


I'm desperate to get hold of a sound effect for the show I'm working on at the moment.


I need the sound of someone switching a large light on in an empty warehouse... similar to the opening sequence of the Mr Bean show.



If anyone's got any idea where I can aquire such a sound from it would be much appreciated





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I'm not familiar with the mr bean reference. Describe the sound effect a bit more, what kind of light is it and what effect does being in a warehouse have is it a bit echo'y. I might be able to sort sommat out.


euan (I want a santa smilie for christmas)

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just finished working on a show at central where the sound designer wanted an effect to sound like florries being switched on, I think he said he just recorded it himself and it worked really well all her did was use an almost dead started and record it strugling, ill see if I can get hold of a copy for you if it would be helpful,

let me know


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