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LTC Dimmer repair


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I have a Zero 88 LTC rack at my venue with 3 channels that resolutely refuse to turn off unless I switch the channel breaker off (or the dimmer supply). I suspect blown triacs in the power modules. The rest of the rack works fine, and the 3 dodgy channels are 13,19 and 20 so are spread across phases and power/control modules.


Just before I get my screwdrivers out and have a delve, can someone advise me on what part number/specification the triacs are (so I can order some replacements) and also if they are easy or hard to get at and replace.


I know they are fairly straightforward to do on a Paradim dimmer (unless the sprung terminal block springs off the pcb!).


All information (especially from the nice man at Zero 88) would be gratefully received.


Thanks in advance.



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The power module is basically a Mk1 Beta in a different case.

The triac for these are BTA 40 600a/b.


To assess the triacs you remove the front panel of the dimmer.

Should be held in place with the 4 screws that hold the handles in place as well.



From what you have said you may find that only channel 13 may be a triac fault.

Channels 19 and 20 may be a problem with the sync circuit on the main PCB.

Main PCB is found by removing the rear panel. There are about 6 screws holding this in place.

From there is would be worth either contacting me direct to talk you through what you should be looking for.

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