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ive just hired a smartfade for a confrence style thing were holding tonight but for some reason I cant get it to fade and will only cut to the next source, I click on the effects button but wont move from fade, input is vga and composite(from dvd) any one had experience with these units?


actually satrted working - dont know why, I think it was a turn off and turn back on type thing!!

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I've had this problem myself, and yes the turn off and turn on does work (re-boot) if it did not come with a manual you need to know the following:


a: It will only fade from a VGA source to another source (you must always go through the VGA source to enable the fade if you go from composite to composite it will only cut. It will only do this though one of the VGA inputs at a time.


b: You have to set which VGA input it will fade through (computer 1 or computer 2 on the control screen). I confess with out the book I cannot remember all the steps to do this.


Hope this helps




:** laughs out loud **:

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I think I am right in saying that you can only do a seamless fade between the referance (usually input 1 but can be input 8) and one of the other sources, also if you have changed the image size or position it will not fade seamlessly.
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