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Spark thinks its a Photon


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Hey all,


Basically my spark lx says photon in the setup menu and on the little diigital display also says photon.


I was talking to a regular compulite user who said it sounded odd, so call Andy Stone, which I did.


He reckons it could be a knackerd chip, obviously now im going to get it checked out, but is there something else it could possibly be, which I could tell him when I give it to him.


Best Regards


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Can't believe you doubted my opinion!!!


Basically the Spark and Photon are identical systems internally, the only realy difference is that the Spark has three wheels and a trackball. The motherboard therefore should automatically detect what type of system it is and set itself up accordingly.


Generally this problem would be caused by a failure in the chip (a NOVRAM) losing it's information or getting corrupted, but it could also be a problem with other parts of the motherboard or the keyboard, hence we really need to take a look at it to be sure of the problem.

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I didnt doubt your oppinion I know you know what your talking about, but I just dont want you to work to hard on it.

Obviously I want it working but I dont want you to waste your time on something its not, I'm not making sense ** laughs out loud **.

well basically I want it to take you as little time as possible so you can continue doing other jobs.


See you monday hopefully, depends when Roger is going, bye

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