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Hog to WYG


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I appear to be having a mentally slow day, and am struggling to get WYSIWYG to connect to the HogPC application on my computer.


I am running this over a network (one machine running the Hog, the other running WYG). I have installed the connectivity app on the WYG machine, but don't really know what port and user number to set it looking to. I also don't have a clue how to set the hog up with anything other than default network settings, since I downloaded it for the first time today.


Oh, and I've already emailed the flying pig support dept, so this is really just me be impatient until they reply.





EDIT: Grrr ... Labour day in the states so tech support is closed. To add to the problem now I have spent the entire day tyring to fix it:


I can connect the two when running on the local machine, but when I try to link them on two separate computers (either over the network or with a crossover cable), I get an error in the connectivity app which says "Receive error 10055". Anyone have any experience of running the two applications on separate machines as I really can't wait until the States get up tomorrow.

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Ahh, that might be the problem then, but the manual seems to imply it does (I think).




Hog 3PC Visualizer Connectivity

Hog 3PC has the same visualization via Ethernet capabilities as the Wholehog 3 console when

using the Wholehog 3 Visualizer Connectivity Application. Please refer to the Wholehog 3 user

manual for details on configuring and using this feature.

Hog 3PC can also be used with ESP Vision and WYSIWYG via an internal connection with

visualization software running on the same computer as Hog 3PC. You must install and run the

Wholehog 3 Visualizer Connectivity Application to enable this feature.


This is from the release notes, and would seem to imply you can.


Ok, problem solved. It was a windows 2000 bug over number of TCP/IP ports. I needed to set a registry key.


So I can definitely confirm that you can run the HogPC with WYG over a network connection.

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