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Flying Martin W8C


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I'm looking to fly a small quantity of W8C, my main question is (to which I've been unable to find an answer on the web so far!); what in the way of flying hardware do I require for flying 2 boxes a side - either one below the other, or side by side? The system would be touring, and ideally needs to be able to accommodate 4 boxes a side if needed.


Thanks in advance... any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.





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Hi There


unfrtunatly I can not help you but I know a bloke who can !

email this fella. danh@autograph.co.uk


He Works for autograh sound and I am sure her will be able to find you exactly what your after.


good Luck

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Depending on room the lower cab in an array like this is sometimes flown upside down.


I take it your subs would be ground stacked. I'll assume WSX.


I use the W8 with the 2x12 low mid which are vertically splayed. Makes them a little difficult to array vertically.

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