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hi all, Can anyone help me I now you can split the EQ into more than 4 like it is set up. Vince showed me 2 mths ago on the demo day I have have just forgot. Also he should us how to put our own channel set up on. (I,e channel 1 turns into 5 and channel 2 turns into another one - sorry if im not makin sence. I want to set up the 24 channels as a custom page) I know you can do it !!!!!!


Cheers all in advance, and sorry if I sound dumb.



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Typed this once, but it vanished before I pressed "post"! :P


All the following is for V1.3 build 68


EQ. There is only the four way eq on the inputs, though bands 1 and 4 can be either shelves or or the full parametric. Most of the outputs have an additional two notch filters to help with feedback. The main outputs have 31 band graphics which can be inserted.


User Bank. Using LCD or TT control, go to [utility] [userbank]. From here each of the 24 faders can be assigned to any input of output of the desk. Access to the user bank is by pressing both the Analogue & Digital bank buttons together.


Full details are in the addendum manual here: http://www.mackie.com/products/tt24/pdf/TT24_OM_Add.pdf


Hope this helps, Mark :)

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