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VXCO DMX Creator

Adam Brinkworth

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Im currently looking to purchase a lighting desk, and thinking about using a usb/DMX interface. I have downloaded the DMX

Creator software, and had a play with it, and find it very easy to use, supporting all of the fixtures and features that I need.


I was wondering if anybody has ever use this system, and how reliable it is, especially for use with the martin mac 250/550.


Also, does anybody know where I could purchase this, I have had a look around on the web, but not been able to find a UK dealership.





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Lightfactor seem to have all the details on their website, so probably worth giving them a call.


In terms of the software, I haven't used it outputting DMX, but have had a play, mainly to use the visualiser (oh how I wish to have WYSIWYG visualiser), but I found no particular problems. The chases seem annoying to handle, as I could only get them to do one speed across all of them, but this have been a 'me' error. The other main problem with them is that they don't (seem) to have any way of recording palettes, as scenes record in full mode, so aren't as user friendly as a desk, or some other PC programs. However, I will for the foreseeable future be sticking to an actual as opposed to virtual desk, and so have never bothered to find how the programs work compared to each other.


In terms of reliability, the most likely problem would be your PC crashing, but if you have a dedicated PC for the program the risk of this will fall, as well as speeding up the PC's actions.


For using it with a particular lanterns, there is no reason why the software shouldn't work with any fixtures, assuming there is a personality for it. So the only problem with using it with them would be whether the programmer / op is happy with the software.


Also, have a look at other pieces of software, as many companies have downloadable demo's, such as Daslight, Sunlite, MagicQ, to name but a few.


Hope this helps

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