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Stripping back truss


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I've got a load of Trilite which was customised for a big classical concert a few years ago. Some of it is white and some of it is black. Most of the paintwork is badly scratched and not in very good condition, as it's been around a bit since then.


I'd like to get it stripped back to bare aluminium, and was wondering if people had any thoughts. I know there are loads of places that will strip metalwork in the yellow pages, but I want to do it as cheaply as possible, and some of the pieces are 3mtrs long. I don't know what kind of paint or paint method has been used, but its not as crude as emulsion, and its not as flash as powder coating.

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Hi Rob


Fastest is dip striping take a small peace round to a company how have a bath of solvent as a test. This normally works for all paint types and some times powder coats as well. then you will just have to polish it up


If it is a water based paint you can steam clean it off (but very long boring and wet)


Or a very big can of nitromores and wirewool and a lot off time


And you can pick powder coat off but very boring


They are method I've used over the last 10 years non are ideal and all take up quite a lot of time for a good end result


if Anybody has any other ideas I would love to make use of them


Hope this helps


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Be EXTREMELY careful.

The cleaning of paint finishes on aluminium structral products has been the subject of some considerable work here and in the US.

Consult the manufacturer of the solvent/agent considered and get written assurance that their product will not adversely affect the aluminium.

Do not consider shot/grit blasting material under 3mm thick (that is any of the structure, not just the chords!).

If you do go down the chemical route, ensure that no residue is left inside the truss, and specify it pon your Purchase Order to the comapny.

Many of TFL and Slick products have pressure relief holes that the stripping agent can get into and stay inside the various members.


Type "stripping trusses" into Google.


As a cautionary tale, a large venue once 'dipped' a large (like £ 50k's worth) number of trusses and did not get the insides clean. The result was that you could actually deform the alloy in places by pushing it with your hand. Really.

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