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Emigrate from France...

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Hey everybody !


I'm a French student in lighting course. We call it "formation en alternance" in France, I don't know if there is this kind of course in UK : it's 1 month school time, and 2 month of working time in a real show corporate, and all that for 2 years.

I've always wanted leave France... Canada or UK are my favourite destinations... but Canada is so far !

My english is not as good as it should yet... but I try to make I better everyday. (thanks a lot "check spelling" function ! ** laughs out loud **)


In all case, I would like to know how is lighting technician life in UK (and in London especially) ?

How do you find people with which you work ? Are they existing permanent jobs (not freelance) ?

Do you know some website where I could find job offering ? (just to get an idea of what is offered)


thanks for informations,

regards, Brian.

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There are lots of different jobs in London, some freelance, some full-time. There's a lot of work on the West End, as there tends to be reasonable crew turnover on the big shows. There's a website here which has new jobs each week (available for public view on Fridays) - click RECRUITMENT then THEATRE and you should find some useful info :blink: Good luck!
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