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ATW-1451 Lapel


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Trying to use he lapel AT radio 1451 system, however it gives loads of feedback when remotely in front of speakers - gain has to be pretty high to get any sort of level. I was wondering:


a) if this is normal

b) can it be reduced

c) anything else


The announcers (to whom the lapels will be fitted) move about the stage, but are generally on strip of stage in front of the curtain, just in front of speakers (which are on wall in line with curtain).


If this is a known prob, then ill stick to the handhelds - just thought it would look neater and more professional with lapels.



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Why are you getting feedback?


Normaly beccause there is too much gain in the system


You can reduce the gain by moving the mic closer to the source of the sound. ie the performer's / speaker's mouth or by using a headset mic (Don't know many corperate types that like them) or a neck/ / collar mic


This is why handhelds work so much better.



Or if there are specific frequencies that are ringing then you might have luck with notching them out - you could get a good set of ears for this or analise the sound on a RTA and get a good parametric EQ(not a graphic) for this job.


Or move the speakers away from the performer


Or just turn it down. (this dowsn't have to be perminant - you could rig the speakers in stereo and pan the sound in the oposite direction to the speaker - ie - s/he walks SL and you pan to the SR speaker.


Good Luck

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