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Strand 200 - deleting subs


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Sorry, I've asked this before and someone gave me the perfect answer, I then moved on to another project and forgot what the answer was DOH.

1. Once subs have stuff stored in them a pretty little led at the top of the channel lets you know something is in there.

Q. How do you totally clear the content of the subs and thus extinguish the led? (as the theatre technician is only clearing by recording all levels at zero.


Thanks in antisipation

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Here's the strand page where you can choose 'Support' then 'manuals' then the strand 200 pdf, which should answer your question, but below is how to do it.


When the desk has the main menu options on the LCD screen, press button F1 (scene) then scroll down to option 4 (Delete scene) and hit F3 (confirm). You can then choose either delete one scene or page scene. Using delete one scene, choose the right page, then hit the flash button for the sub you want to delete, or use the cursors to choose the sub number on screen, then hit F3 (confirm), and use the F2 or F3 button to say yes or no. Using the delete page scene, select page 1 or 2, then hit F3 (confirm) and then either F2 or F3 for yes or no.


Hope this helps.

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It was me, on 24th July at 11:16am, in reply to your e-mail. Check your e-mail archive!


Here's what I wrote :

> When 'clearing; submasters the technician is complaining that the

> led above the submaster stays amber as though there is still

> something stored in it. After I talked to him it would appear that

> he is 'clearing' the submasters by setting all control channels to

> zero and then recording this into the submaster he wishes to

> 'clear'. I asume that there is a way to totally 'clear' the

> submaster contents and distinguish the led light above the

> submaster but this isnt apparent in the manual and having called

> strand last week only managed a short conversation with the

> reciever :-)


> Cheers,


> Andy


The quick way to do it is to go into the Setup menu and select option 9 (Console Default). That clears all patch and effects information as well as the subs, though ... so to just clear subs and leave all other programming alone you have to do one page (or one submaster) at a time. Press the "Scene" softkey to go into the Scene Options menu, and go to Delete Scene - you can then choose to delete one scene (submaster) at a time, or a whole page at once. Do the "Del page scene" option for both submaster pages and they'll all be cleared.





Save it somewhere this time!

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