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Help! Minimist broken need quick solution


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Hello all, been a while but now I'm crying out for help.


On our tour we have a le maitre mini mist which stopped working,

got out the spare, also doesn't work! Being the only LX I cant really

get someone else to fix it for me.


Our tour is curently in Ireland (Killarney) so getting spares is a problem,

our next maplins is in bristol in 10 days time so if anybody has any

suggestions please help.


Machine 1 fault:


Heats up, but button squidgy, no output. Aware of a fix involving a

nut in the button mech replacing the rubber thing, but no nut to replace with!


Machine 2:


Heats up but very low output, button mech fine.




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I got around a similar problem with ours by placing a small nut underneath the button to "pad out" between the button and the mechanism (that had worn) below. The nut can be any nut that fits in the space. Not a specialist item; something most tours will have somewhere in someones toolbox/venues toolbox! This solution worked for many months....If that solves your first problem?


The second machines low output could also be the same problem; if you have checked the seal where the fluid screws onto the machine and confirmed that the installed fluid canister is full and pressurised then the button not fully depressing sounds like a culprit. Again same fix as above.


This trick has helped us!


Hope it helps!



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I have noticed in the past that there is a microswitch attached to a spring inside the smoke machine, this can sometimes be "switched" in transit.


If you hold the machine by the handle, then tilt it at 45degrees down (ie so the nozzle is sort of pointing downwards, then give it a sharp tap on the ground on the bottom-front of the machine.

I hope you understand what I mean,




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