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Compulite Spark Harddisk


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hi all! I'm a new member :D


I'm a operator of compulite spark STANDARD version.. I wish to know if inside there is an harddisk! last week I've see it opened and there is something similar to an classic harddisk of pc... but on the datasheet is not specified if there is an harddisk but only a 2MB non-volatile ram..


so.. there is an harddisk inside the compulite spark standard? :D


thank you very much!! and sorry 4 my english... I'm italian :D bye!

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If its the Spark LX, like I have then it does not have a hard drive, which is annoying.


You must download the stuff off compulite.co.uk or .com and install it onto the system, stores on its ram I believe. when you want to add diff lights like mac 500 you must insert a floppy with the variables in and use that.


best regards



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