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Small and simple media players with vga output


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I'm in need of small and reliable media players that can play back jpeg images and perhaps also video content. They should also have a vga output at xga resolution. I know there are numerous portable gadgets with HDDs and composite/s-video outputs but these are not exactly what I'm looking for. I don't need any playlists, built-in lcds or other fancy things. Just ability to upload content (even one jpeg image is enough) and the thing will play it back at xga resolution as long as there is power. Is there anything like this available?


Thank you!

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Thanks for replies!


Extron GSS100 seems to be kind of unit I'm looking for. Funny that I went through the Extron catalog but missed that entirely :blink:


Usage varies from small TFTs to larger plasmas and LCDs. DVD-players are a bit too clumsy for what I need.


Thanks everybody!

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